Our CEO/Founder - Dao Nguyen created a special product for the body’s waist named " Dao Body Shaper " over three years ago from Indiana, US. The goal is to shape & tone the abdominal region which also helps support the posture of the body naturally. She chose to specialized in a designed product that helps women to feel beautiful and confident even if it means that a lot of people lack the time of going to the gym with a busy work & life schedule.

A little bit about her background is that she once was a professional nail technician before this innovative idea. She realized that being a nails tech, at times you may not even have the time to eat or take a break, and are always busy sitting down working on clients after clients. It is very common that the food would just sit in your stomach not fully digesting because the lack of walking and standing up moving around. She would go to the gym when she gets the chance to but no real results were shown so she had decided to wrap something around her waist.

Diana Coffield who is the Co-Founder and had helped Dao with her vision bringing it to life. Dao Nguyen chose the name Dao for her body shaper to keep the roots of her nationality and where she came from with the name her parents had given her which is her real first name.

Designed and made in USA, even the zippers are YKK brand which is overall excellent quality from inside out. She strives to keep quality to be one of the top priorities for her brand, therefore it stands out and is different from many other competitors.

Instead of the average company that would use China, Vietnam or anywhere across the globe for the cheaper price, Dao makes it a standard with her products being made here in the USA to make sure the products are top brand with excellent quality. As of now, the building that creates all the products has approximately 10-15 employees and on an average day, they produced up to 1,000 Dao’s Body Shapers or even more!

Her customers are mainly Vietnamese and she aims to focus the product on her culture especially the ones that is in the nails industry since that's where she came from with the understanding of need for the innovative product. Great news are she is currently in the process of developing product for men as well.

This body shaper is one of a kind because the boning of it is stainless steel so it will not rust if it gets wet or washed. It will not poke you due to it being super flexible and will move with your body figure. It is the HIGHEST & BEST QUALITY out there!!

Wearing Dao's Body Shaper will get you the instant curve & that is the favorite thing about her product. The lace features and details on the body shaper looks so good that from a glance it doesn’t even look like a typical waist trainer.

A fun fact about her entrepreneurship journey is that she had attended a fashion show in New York during Fashion Week. With a total of 16 designers, she was able to showcase her body shaper on 20 different models all wearing the product with a different look. Only 4 models were able to wear the body shaper outside of their outfit which had looked absolutely stunning and very unique.

Only been 3 years in the industry of business & fashion but Dao was already able to feature her products at New York Fashion Week, in this new year she wishes to attend and be apart of fashions shows in Paris. She’d like to host her own shows here in her US due to the overwhelming love and support she gets from all of her customers and supporters!